Barretto vs Gutierrez: Gretchen drags Ruffa, Annabelle Rama into Family Feud

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Gretchen Barretto criticized Ruffa Gutierrez after Ruffa commented on Julia Barretto’s post in Instagram.

Julia recently posted a selfie on her Instagram account, where Ruffa commented, “Freshhhhh.”

Gretchen posted the screen capture of the post, highlighting Ruffa’s comment.

“Sawsaw pa more. Ruffy!! take it take it,” Gretchen wrote on an Instagram story, pertaining to the 1994 Metro Manila Film Festival scandal wherein talent manager Lolit Solis reportedly manipulated the result of the Best Actress and Best Actor award in favor of Ruffa and Gabby Concepcion.

It was Gretchen, together with Miss Mauritius 1993 Viveka Babajee and Rocky Gutierrez, who presented the award, where she can be seen surprised upon the announcement of the winners.

Ruffa, meanwhile, posted on her Instagram account a cryptic post saying, “The next time they try to put you down, just remember that confidence is silent but insecurities are loud AF.”

Annabelle Rama, Ruffa’s outspoken mother, told Ruffa not to waste her time on the controversy.

“Tama, huwag mo na patulan ‘yan. Don’t waste your precious time! Basta mahal ka namin ng family mo, ‘yon ang importante!” Annabelle commented.

In a now deleted post, however, Annabelle said her response to Gretchen’s call out for Ruffa.

“Kawawa ka naman. Halos wala ka ng kakampi. Halos buong mundo, isinusumpa ka. Nananahimik kami, bakit galit ka sa comment ng anak ko, masama bang mag-comment ng positive?” Annabelle said.

“Bakit ka ba nagwawala, hindi naman tungkol sa’yo ang comment?! Dapat kang magalit sa mga nag-post ng pictures n’yong dalawa ng boyfriend mo na nasa airport kayo hanggang sa airplane,” she added.






Barretto vs Gutierrez: Gretchen drags Ruffa, Annabelle Rama into family feud